Using your brand to maintain business success

Don’t be complacent. It’s easier than you think to consider your brand is ‘built’, your promises made and behaviours defined. Then bam! Out of the blue a new competitor sweeps in and knocks you sideways. This doesn’t just apply to new start-ups either; existing competitors will develop new products or services to challenge your business.

Staying informed is easy but is often overlooked as a regular part of new business activity. Continuous research using tools like social media can often gain you access to early competitor insights. Learn from everyone and respect their positions – they may have just recruited some top new talent who could have helped you raise your game.

Recruiting (and keeping) the best person for the job is crucial to your continued business success. Building and maintaining promises to both employees and customers should be front of mind. If your team is happy then your customers and your brand will benefit.

Review your core brand proposition. Consider how technologies and societal habits change over 2/3 years and how your brand might need to react or reposition. Don’t be afraid of building on what you have– it’s the natural evolution of a healthy business. In addition it provides another valuable opportunity to communicate and identify with your audience.

How you define your business can help avoid brand complacency. Consumers want to connect with the brand they buy from, they want to align themselves through values and style – consider Apple a prime example. Value driven benefits can provide that psychological feel good factor and differentiate you from your competitors.

So if you think your brand isn’t working hard enough, you just need a sense check or simply want to find out more about how well your brand benchmarks against your competitors then get in touch for an no obligation chat.

We can talk you through how a brand audit and review can help you to identify any gaps in your brand communications and how we can provide you with the tools to align your brand to your business objectives and help improve business performance.

“….brands provide us with beliefs, they define who we are and signal our affiliations” Wally Olins